At L.M. McLamb & Son Construction Co., Inc., personal safety and the health of each employee is a core value. The safety plan we set in place works because safety goals, expectations and requirements are communicated clearly on a company-wide basis. Continued education and safety improvements are an essential part of our team.


Company Safety Goals:

  • Drug-Free Workplace - Pre-employment, random and post incident drug testing for all employees.
  • Zero Injuries - identify and take steps to address unsafe work practices and conditions, to ensure the safety and health of all personnel.
  • Accountability/Responsibility - Empowerment to identify and correct unsafe conditions and the ability and responsibility to stop work if believed there are risks to the health and safety of any personnel or citizens in the community.
  • Teamwork - encourage teamwork among employees, contractors and customers to maintain high safety standards, awareness and integrity management.


Safety Communication:

  • New Employee Training
  • Weekly Tool Talks
  • Daily Equipment Inspections
  • On-site Safety reference materials
  • Continued Education



  Safety isn't just part of our job but it's the proper attitude that we aspire to have. It requires cooperation in all safety health matters. Only through such a cooperative effort can a Safety Program be established and preserved in the best interest of all parties.





L.M. McLamb & Son Construction Co., Inc. complies with all OSHA requirements and trains employees accordingly. We keep detailed records of all inspections and injuries and review these records with a view to constant improvement.


No job is ever too important or urgent to not do it safely!



If you would like more information about our Safety program or any of our Upcoming Training Sessions,

please contact Tony Belasco at (910)287-6688 or fill out our form on our "Contact Us" page.