Dear Mr. McLamb:

The partners of Sunbelt P5 could not let our contract end without telling you how much we have enjoyed your company's outstanding service. It has been a pleasure working with people who know the true meaning of quality service and professionalism. Throughout the entire construction process of our Spring Mill Plantation development, your entire administrative and operations staff have performed their jobs commendably. We are very pleased and proud of the product your company has assisted in delivering to our future residents.

Please convey our appreciation to your entire staff. We look forward to future opportunities and a continued positive business relationship.


Robert A. Hughes



To Whom It May Concern:

Our company is a real estate development company that was formed in 1992 by individuals who have been working in the real estate field beginning in the late 1970's, primarily in Pender, New Hanover, and Brunswick counties of Southeastern North Carolina. Beginning in 2001, we have been in the process of developing a +/-220 acre tract in the Town of Shallotte known as the Highlands, a mixed use planned residential development consisting of both single and multi-family residential phases and commercial parcels. We have broken the residential development into several phases, and have completed 151 single family lots to date in our subdivision. We are currently nearing completion of the site work for 68 townhomes, with only paving remaining at the time of this writing. L.M. McLamb & Son Construction has been our contractor for all 4 phases of our project. Out project manager for the last 3 phases has been responsible for roughly $2.5 million in site work costs. Our experience with both the Project Manager and the overall McLamb outfit has been very positive. We have never had an issue that was not resolved to our satisfaction in a timely manner - in fact, we do not withhold any retainage on any McLamb invoices as from our experience if something McLamb is responsible for needs to be done, it will be completed without the need to hold funds. All work has been completed in a timely manner and to our satisfaction - McLamb has even performed work and general testing on a couple of utility installations that were well out of warranty. Also pleasing to us is the absence of unnecessary "ticky-tack" change orders - by and large the initial contract is all-inclusive. I can count the number of change orders since working with the PM on one hand, and they have been unforeseeable engineering related items only. We have several phases left in our current project, and are currently working in the preliminary stages on other projects, McLamb will get the first look at those and we hope to be working with them in the future.


Jim McCarley



Dear Len,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for all the help and great work that I received from McLamb and Son Construction during my time with Centex Homes. Having McLamb as my contractor for Beacon Townes, Savannah Lakes and Rivermist was a great pleasure. Your company constantly strived to meet my expectations and in the end you exceeded them. I cannot say enough about all the project managers and the people that work in the field. You have a great group of individuals working for you.

Your company has been a great pleasure to work with and I hope that whatever direction life leads us, we can continue to grow this great working relationship.


Tonya Davis
Former Land Development Project Manager for Centex Homes